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Each memorial here is built on the hope
of preventing another death.

In Loving Memory of Baylee Stoppleworth

In Loving Memory

About Baylee Stoppleworth

Date of Birth: 04/10/1999

Hometown: Jamestown, ND

Bubbly personality, brightened the room up, family meant the world to her, liked spending time with her nephew, brothers, sister, other family members and friends. She never missed at 32 below concert. Her favorite colors: lime green, orange, and black. She loved going to movies, mudding, selfies, demo derbys, and hanging with her best friends.

Crash Details

Crash Date: 11/24/2015

Crash Location: Hwy 20 North of Jamestown

Contributing Factors in Crash: Driver

Crash Details:
The roads were frosty and she went to pass another car. When she went to pass the car, she lost control of her vehicle and drove into the ditch, rolling the vehicle one time.


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Lead Agencies:

ND State Highway Patrol
ND Department of Health