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Vision Zero Partner Network

What is the Vision Zero Partner Network?

The network is an informal coalition of people and organizations who share resources and ideas to help reduce risky driver and occupant behaviors—to save lives on North Dakota roads. It can be as simple as using prepared updates on your Facebook page or sharing driver and occupant safety information with your employees, friends, and family.

Risky behaviors cause hundreds of preventable crashes in North Dakota every year. By joining the Vision Zero Partner Network, you can help prevent motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads. Marketing and resource materials are free and all contributions are voluntary.
Benefits of the Network
  • Protect your organization’s human and financial resources
  • Guard against potential liabilities associated with work-related crashes
  • Demonstrate your company, school or organization’s commitment to the community
  • Show your students or employees you care about them and their families
  • Address the problems of distracted driving, impaired driving, speed and lack of seat belt use
What partners will receive from NDDOT
  • Help getting your driver and occupant safety program started
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other network organizations and agencies
  • Technical support for local opportunities such as media interviews
  • Education tools and materials bundled for each campaign. Each bundle may include some of the following items:
    • Ready to publish newsletter articles
    • Fact sheets
    • PA system announcements
    • TV and radio ads, videos, web banners, print materials for use as posters, flyers, inserts, etc.
    • Suggested posts for social media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • Suggested messages for company or community electronic message boards
    • Suggested activities to conduct with employees or in the community during the campaign
    • Display banners