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June 29, 2020
Bismarck, ND – The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is teaming up with American Bikers Aiming Toward Education (ABATE) of North Dakota through the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program to ask motorcyclists to take personal responsibility [...]
June 22, 2020
Bismarck, N.D.- As the heat of the summer increases, so will the H.E.A.T. (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic) from law enforcement statewide. Agencies will have extra patrols looking for all forms of unsafe motorists including those who do not [...]
June 19, 2020
Bismarck, ND – The fifth year of North Dakota Share the Road Safety Week will take place June 21-27. During this designated week, the State of North Dakota and the North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance (NDATA) invite North Dakotans to celebrate [...]
May 22, 2020
Statewide, ND – The North Dakota Department of Transportation wants to remind parents and young drivers that the approaching summer months bring added opportunities for underage drinking. To combat these temptations, law enforcement will have extra [...]
May 18, 2020
Statewide N.D.- Speeding isn’t just aggressive driving, it’s deadly driving. Law enforcement across the state will turn up the summer H.E.A.T. (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic) with extra patrols enforcing speed limits and removing [...]
May 4, 2020
BISMARCK, ND – Despite there being fewer vehicles on the road due to COVID-19, the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) has seen an increase in speeding citations issued for drivers exceeding the speed limit by over 10 mph. From March 15 to April [...]
April 29, 2020
Statewide – Governor Doug Burgum announced that closed businesses, including bars and restaurants, can reopen Friday, May 1 under new guidelines. In order to remove impaired drivers from the road, the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) will have [...]
April 14, 2020
Statewide – Law enforcement agencies across the state participated in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over enforcement campaign from March 1-31, 2020 to reinforce the importance of not driving under the influence. Over the course of the campaign, [...]
April 13, 2020
Statewide- Driving under the influence of cannabis or other mind-altering substances is dangerous and illegal. April 20 (4/20) is a popular day among marijuana users to get high. While there are many theories as to why 4/20 has become a counterculture [...]
April 8, 2020
Watford City – The Watford City Police Department, McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office, North Dakota Highway Patrol, United States Border Patrol and Northwest Narcotics Task Force joined efforts for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Task Force [...]

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