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Press Releases

March 27, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – A total of 98 people lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes in North Dakota in 2022 according to final crash data released by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Highway Safety Division. North Dakota has [...]
March 13, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – ND Sober Ride, a Vision Zero program to remove impaired drivers from North Dakota roads, will offer discounted Lyft rides, where available, in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Codes will be available from March 16-19, [...]
February 23, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – Law enforcement across the state will have extra patrols to remove impaired drivers from the road as part of Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over during the month of March. Fatalities from alcohol-related crashes in North Dakota [...]
February 17, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – Law enforcement agencies across the state participated in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over enforcement campaign from December 14, 2022 to January 31, 2023 to deter motorists from driving impaired. Of the 133 alcohol or drug-related [...]
February 13, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – In North Dakota, motor vehicle crashes involving heavy vehicles are more common in cold weather months, October-March than warm weather months. The majority of these crashes (69%) are in rural areas. Heavy trucks include single [...]
February 2, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – To reduce vehicle crashes and fatalities in North Dakota, Vision Zero reminds drivers to stay in your lane. Preliminary 2022 crash data for North Dakota shows that 54% of fatal crashes were lane departure related.   Lane [...]
January 26, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – Law enforcement agencies across the state participated in the Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2022, to help save lives on North Dakota roads. A total of 1,782 citations were attributed to the [...]
January 19, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – The holidays were a little brighter in 2022 with more North Dakotans choosing ND Sober Ride to get home safely.     159 sober rides were provided to Lyft riders from Dec. 19, 2022 – Jan. 2, 2023.    “Many [...]
January 18, 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – It’s been five years since North Dakota announced Vision Zero as the state’s primary traffic safety initiative. This comprehensive effort continues to work toward zero motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries [...]
January 12, 2023
WING, N.D. - Representatives from Vision Zero, along with school administrators welcomed Wing Public School as the latest Vision Zero School at a school assembly today. Student leaders picked distracted driving as their safety emphasis and are featured [...]

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