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Vision Zero Schools

What is a Vision Zero School?

A Vision Zero School believes that the only acceptable number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes is zero. School staff and participating student leaders will create a culture of personal responsibility in their school where motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries are recognized as preventable and not tolerated. Vision Zero Schools gives students the opportunity to be traffic safety advocates by appearing in banners, PSAs, videos and more to share motor vehicle safety messages in their school and community.
Vision Zero Schools will receive promotional materials featuring student leaders to promote traffic safety and will be featured on Vision Zero’s website, Facebook and Twitter. NDDOT will also assist in writing press releases to promote your school’s dedication to traffic safety in the media. Student leaders may use their involvement as part of their resumé for future job and college applications. Most importantly, teens will learn that responsible driving is vital and zero is the only acceptable number of motor vehicle fatalities in their school.
What You Will Receive
  1. Vision Zero School Banner - Schools will receive a banner featuring chosen student leaders with a seat belt message. This banner can be displayed in any high-traffic area of the school.
  2. Student Leader PSAs - PSAs (video and audio) featuring student leaders will be produced to play at sporting events, in morning announcements, on school's social media channels, at school assemblies, etc. NDDOT will provide scripts personalized for the school. Student leaders can choose from the following messages:
    1. Seat Belts
    2. Distracted Driving
    3. Impaired Driving
    4. Speed Related
  3. Monthly Email with Marking Materials - Schools will be added to the Vision Zero Partner Network (VZPN). As a VZPN member, schools will receive a monthly email that provides traffic safety posters, social media content, talking points, videos and more. The school's logo will also be added to the list of partners on the Vision Zero website.
Become a Vision Zero School
Find more information on Vision Zero Schools here. If you would like to become a Vision Zero School or have any questions, please contact Lauren Wahlman, Safety Public Information Program Manager.

Lauren Wahlman