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Wing Public School

"If something were to happen to us, it would effect everyone."

On January 12, 2023, Wing Public School launched their Vision Zero School program.

Six student leaders were selected by administrators to educate their peers on traffic safety with a focus on distracted driving.

Here at Wing, we care about our students. If something were to happen to one of us, it would affect everyone in not only our school, but our community as well,” said student leader Grace Mehlhoff. “That is why we are passionate about driving distraction-free. We know each of us at Wing Public Schools has a responsibility to make safe decisions every time we ride in a car as a driver or passenger, because if you’re driving distracted, who is actually driving?”


The student leaders debuted a banner and two PSAs to their peers along with representatives from Vision Zero, school administrators, Burleigh County Sheriff's Departement and Safe Kids Bismarck-Mandan.
Vision Zero Schools is a rapidly growing program in North Dakota. Thank you, Killdeer, for your dedication to traffic safety and spreading the Vision Zero message!