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Des Lacs-Burlington Public Schools

"We hope that speeding and crashes will decrease in our community."

Des Lacs-Burlington (DLB) Public Schools became North Dakota's fourth Vision Zero School on January 4, 2023. 

Six students from DLB pledged to be safe drivers and promote traffic safety in their school. Specifically, the Lakers chose to focus on speed. 

As a group of student leaders we decided that speeding was our main concern for the safety of our peers,” said student leader Carter Hoff. “We want to share with our peers the consequences of speeding. We hope that by becoming a Vision Zero School speeding and crashes will decrease in our community.”


The student leaders debuted a banner and two PSAs to their peers along with representatives from Vision Zero, school administrators and Sergeant Sam Mahoney from the Ward County Sheriff’s Department.
Thank you for your dedication to traffic safety in your school! You are helping reach the Vision Zero goal of zero fatalities on North Dakota roads.