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Each memorial here is built on the hope
of preventing another death.

In Loving Memory of Isaiah Johnson

In Loving Memory

About Isaiah Johnson

Date of Birth: 09/23/1999

Hometown: Fargo

Zay was full of life! He could light up a room with his smile! His love for life and adventure carried him through each and every day! He loved basketball and playing for the Fargo South Bruins! He loved skating and met many lifelong friends through these activities! Although Zay is no longer with us, his legacy lives on! He will never be forgotten!

Crash Details

Crash Date: 02/14/2021

Crash Location: Fargo, ND

Contributing Factors in Crash: Not wearing a seat belt

Crash Details:
Isaiah was out with his friends the night of the crash! He left with a friend who was underage and overserved. As they drove towards downtown, the driver proceeded to travel at a high rate of speed in a 30 zone. He lost control as they approached a bed in the road, crashing into a cement base of an electrical line! Zay was thrown from the passenger side and suffered fatal injuries, including a shattered skull.


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