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Each memorial here is built on the hope
of preventing another death.

In Loving Memory of Joshua Dale Langan

In Loving Memory

About Joshua Dale Langan

Date of Birth: 12/02/1979

Hometown: Saint John

Joshua loved horses and all animals, he worked in pharmacy at QBMH in Belcourt for many years. He was married to Robin Peach Langan. They were on their way home from supper to feed his horses when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and killed both of them. We miss our baby so much, it is not fair he had so many hopes and dreams for his future. We are so mad, we miss you son and love you forever.

Crash Details

Crash Date: 05/20/2016

Crash Location: BIA 11 North, Belcourt, ND

Contributing Factors in Crash: Hit by an impaired driver

Crash Details:
Josh and Robin were going home to feed his horses. They were heading north on BIA 11 when a drunk driver ran a stop sign. The driver hit Josh and Robin’s vehicle and pushed them into a field, killing both of them. They died at the scene of the crash.


Love an miss you both
- June Langan

Josh was a truly wonderful soul, I miss him and Robin dearly.
- Stephanie (Hall) Hardy

Josh I miss you so much! It still just doesn't seem real! You will always be one of my best friends...I love you!!
- Pam Stewart

We miss them so much. Still hard to fathom that they are gone. Such bright lights that were extinguished way too soon.
- Robin Danielson

Sad love and prayers Together forever
- Lori Abrahamson

I miss them every day
- Mandy Evers

I have no words to express what I feel my heart is sad!
- Jack Parisien

Robin and Josh’s legacy to their families and their communities will always be one of love and kindness. A piece of my heart rests with them, and it saddens me to know that their lives were taken so suddenly and tragically.
- Betty Poitra

Miss visiting with Josh. He was always full of laughs. Prayers and hugs to his family.
- Jeanette Nadeau

Josh was a bright sight to see in the pharmacy every day. He always greeted you with a smile and went out of his way to get your answers. Miss you both.
- Lori Sollin

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