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Each memorial here is built on the hope
of preventing another death.

In Loving Memory of Stephanie Lee

In Loving Memory

About Stephanie Lee

Date of Birth: 07/23/1977

Hometown: Williston

Steph was a loving mother of three kids. She was working on getting her masters degree in addiction counseling to give her and her kids a better life.

Crash Details

Crash Date: 11/06/2021

Crash Location: Ray, ND

Contributing Factors in Crash: Hit by an impaired driver, Wearing a seat belt

Crash Details:
Steph was traveling west on Hwy 2 and was hit head on by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the highway.


Steph was killed along with her 7 year old daughter Amaya by a man who decided to drink all day long then drive the wrong way on a four lane highway When do we stop this? This man was .166 5 hours after the accident and it was not his first DUI. Steph also left behind two sons 9 and 21. We miss them so much.
- Joe Lee

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