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Crash survivor receives Saved by the Helmet award

Crash survivor receives Saved by the Helmet award

For Immediate Release: May 02 2023
GRAND FORKS, N.D. – There were 21 motorcycle fatalities in North Dakota in 2022, a 62% increase from 2021. Vision Zero and their partners from the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) encourage all motorcycle riders to wear All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT) this riding season, including wearing a helmet.

To highlight the importance of ATGATT, representatives from Vision Zero and the NDHP today honored John Boury with the Saved by the Helmet award for his commitment to always wearing his helmet when he rode motorcycle.
In July 2021, John was severely injured when the trike he was riding was hit by the driver of a three-quarter ton pick-up who failed to stop at a stop sign. Boury shared his harrowing survival story with Vision Zero to encourage every rider to wear their helmet.

“I wore my helmet all the time, but I never expected to be in a crash. I have no doubt the helmet saved my life. The doctors can do amazing things putting you back together, but you must survive that crash. And I'm sure I would not have survived without the helmet,” said Boury.

“It was easy to nominate John for this award,” explains Sgt. Christopher Schaefer of the NDHP. “He made a conscious decision before he started riding that morning to wear his helmet. He had a family to return home to. That says a lot about a person to take the time to think about what a small action could do and what it could mean to your family if something happens on the road.”

Today’s celebration featured the first reunion between the first responders to the crash and John along with his wife, Deb.