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During National Teen Driver Safety Week, NDDOT encourages seat belt use

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, NDDOT encourages seat belt use

For Immediate Release: Oct 14 2021
Statewide – It is never too early, or too often, to discuss driving habits with teens. Parents can start the conversation during National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 17-23, 2021. The North Dakota Department of Transportation encourages parents to talk to their teen drivers about the importance of always wearing a seat belt and taking personal responsibility while behind the wheel.

Teen drivers age 14-19 were involved in 9.4% of fatal crashes in North Dakota in 2020. Inexperience, coupled with immaturity, often results in risk-taking behaviors such as speeding, alcohol/drug use, driving distracted and not wearing a seat belt – all of which contribute to an increased death rate among teens. Seat belts are the single most effective safety device to prevent death and injury in a motor vehicle crash.

“Parents can influence driving behavior even before their child gets behind the wheel,” said Safety Division Director Karin Mongeon. “Always wearing your seat belt, following posted speed limits and driving sober and distraction-free teaches your kids that taking personal responsibility when driving is a priority.”

Parents should become familiar with North Dakota’s graduated driver licensing restrictions including night driving restrictions. Self-reported surveys show that teens with parents who set and enforce firm rules for driving typically engage in less risky driving behaviors and are involved in fewer crashes. By knowing and enforcing the laws, parents will help promote personal responsibility for their teens and the teens around them.

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