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Motorcycle safety courses benefit riders of all skill levels

Motorcycle safety courses benefit riders of all skill levels

For Immediate Release: Apr 29 2024
STATEWIDE, N.D. – Vision Zero and American Bikers Aiming Toward Education (ABATE) of North Dakota encourage motorcycle riders of any skill level to enroll in a rider safety course.

Preliminary data from 2023 shows there were 16 motorcycle crash fatalities, a decrease from 21 fatalities in 2022. However, the 2023 motorcycle fatality total is still twice as high as 2021.  

“Enjoy the freedom of the open road, but let responsibility be your constant companion and never compromise on safety. Wear All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT) and improve your skills by taking a rider safety course. The courses will hone your knowledge so every ride becomes a journey of skill, awareness and joy,” said Lonnie Bertsch of ABATE.

Northwood, N.D. resident John Boury encourages all riders to wear their helmet.

"I wore my helmet all the time. I never expected to need it. It truly saved my life," Boury said.

Basic and experienced rider courses are offered across the state throughout the summer. Information on motorcycle safety courses can be found at

Learn more about motorcycle safety and how ATGATT and rider safety courses saved the lives of local motorcyclists at