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Safety features on U.S. Highway 85 now implemented

Safety features on U.S. Highway 85 now implemented

For Immediate Release: Oct 03 2022
STATEWIDE, N.D. – The recently announced Highway Safety Corridor project on U.S. Highway 85 from Belfield to Watford City has completed installation of enhanced safety features.

The 70-mile stretch of highway now includes additional signage indicating reduced speed, no-passing zones, information about road conditions, and reminders to buckle up, drive sober, and distraction-free. In addition to these signs, pavement markings will be more visible, especially in dark or wet conditions.

Three other sections of North Dakota highways are designated Safety Corridors. Highway 85 from Watford City to Highway 68; Highway 52 from Brooks Junction to Velva; and Highway 83 from Bismarck to Washburn.  

Since being introduced in 2019, data from these North Dakota corridors show:

Total crashes in all three corridors since installation have decreased by approximately 30%.
Crash rates in all three corridors have decreased.
Total crashes involving speed decreased by approximately 50% in all three corridors.
Safety Corridors are a Vision Zero strategy to eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads. Learn more about traffic safety initiatives at or join the conversation on the Vision Zero ND Facebook or Twitter page.