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Vision Zero challenges North Dakota to Buckle Up, Phone Down

Vision Zero challenges North Dakota to Buckle Up, Phone Down

For Immediate Release: Mar 28 2023

STATEWIDE, N.D. – The national distracted driving enforcement campaign U Drive. U Text. U Pay. begins Saturday in North Dakota. Law enforcement across the state will have extra patrols to enforce the state’s distracted driving law during the month of April.

In conjunction with the distracted driving enforcement campaign, Vision Zero is joining other states and cities across the nation in the Buckle Up, Phone Down (BUPD) initiative to remind drivers of the importance of wearing a seat belt along with driving distraction-free.

All North Dakotans, including businesses, organizations and schools are encouraged to participate in Buckle Up, Phone Down by:

  • Taking the pledge. Put on your seat belt and put down your phone when you drive so that your body and your attention stay where they need to be. Or, if you’re a passenger, encourage the person driving to wear their seat belt and put their phone down.
  • Wearing your seat belt. Every trip, every time.
  • Putting your phone down. Place your phone in your glove box, put it in the back seat, give it to a passenger or turn it off while driving!
  • Spreading the word. Are you a business or organization? Introduce BUPD to your staff, enact policies that require drivers to wear their seat belts and drive distraction-free, and share this initiative through social media. Visit Buckle Up, Phone Down for resources to get involved.  

2023 Distracted Driving Awareness Month Proclamation