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Warmer weather means more vulnerable road users

Warmer weather means more vulnerable road users

For Immediate Release: Jul 10 2023
STATEWIDE, N.D. – As the height of summer approaches, motorists are reminded to be mindful of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists as more people are out enjoying the warmer weather.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists are at greater risk when involved in a motor vehicle crash as they do not have the protection of an enclosed vehicle, or vehicle safety features like seat belts and airbags. Motorists should remain alert for all road users by focusing on the road, sidewalk and crosswalk.

Vision Zero is sharing two stories of road users who credit wearing a helmet to saving their lives.

Alayna Vallejo was riding her bicycle last summer when she was hit by a turning vehicle and John Boury was riding his trike (motorcycle) to work when he was hit by a three-quarter ton pick-up that ran a stop sign. Both are now encouraging others to wear their helmets. 

It is vital that all road users recognize a shared responsibility to achieve the goal of Vision Zero, to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roadways. 

Learn more about traffic safety initiatives at or join the conversation on the Vision Zero ND Facebook or Twitter page.