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Virtual Reality Learning

Experience a crash through virtual reality.

While, thankfully, not everyone will experience a motor vehicle crash with an unbelted passenger, the seriousness of such an occurrence can help reinforce the need to wear a seat belt every trip, every time. Through virtual reality, the NDDOT is helping people “experience” such a crash to learn the hard lessons without the physical impact.
The video depicts four individuals in a vehicle that crashes. The viewer is in the front passenger position and gets an up-close and personal view to the aftermath of the crash, including seeing the unbelted passenger partially ejected from the vehicle, and all passengers receiving medical assistance.
The video can be downloaded to a mobile phone (Android or iPhone) and played through a 360 video app.
The phone is placed in the goggles, so when worn, the viewer is completely immersed in the scene, removing any peripheral vision outside what’s in the video. It is as if the viewer is in the vehicle in real life.
As the viewer moves left to right or up and down, the video reacts, showing them that part of the scene just as if they were in the car.
When the viewer sees the whole video, they are transported into the car with “friends,” are part of a casual conversation while riding along, and then are thrust into crash and its life-like aftermath.
One of the fellow passengers is unbelted and the viewer dramatically sees the consequences of that.
By transporting viewers into the scene through virtual reality, our hope is to more powerfully demonstrate the consequences of not wearing a seat belt.
Crashes can happen to anyone, any time of year, anywhere in North Dakota, so we want to ensure that everyone buckles up every trip, every time.
The video and goggles will be made available free of charge to anyone who requests to use it for educational purposes. It can be reserved by contacting or calling 701-328-2598.
A special thank you to the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in the U.K. for allowing the NDDOT to utilize this video to help educate drivers.