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Impact Teen Drivers

Looking for an effective way for you and your community to prevent the #1 killer of teens
The ND Association of Counties has teamed up with the "Impact Teen Drivers - What Do You Consider Lethal" Campaign with a free interactive program for students, teachers, and law enforcement. "Impact Teen Drivers" will help teens think about the deadly impact of distractions while driving.
Through focus groups and research, Impact Teen Drivers has learned the most effective way to engage a young person so that you can educate them about the dangers of poor decision making behind the wheel is to connect on a visceral or emotional level. Impact Teen Drivers does not use graphic images and gore to engage the audience. Instead, the program uses real life stories and situations that most young people will find themselves in at some point. 
To find out more about Impact Teen drivers, click here. To register for a class in North Dakota, visit
  • If you are an educator select "CLICK HERE to register/schedule a program."
  • If you a student select "If you are here for the interactive module CLICK HERE."
Or contact:
  • Ryan Gellner,
    Vision Zero Outreach Program Director