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Download the BUPD Starter Kit

You've taken the Buckle Up Phone Down pledge, now what? Use the kit below to begin integrating BUPD into your daily life, school, business or organization! Customize the documents below to announce your commitment to the BUPD program. If you are implementing a policy or currently have one, be sure to become a Policy Partner and include that information.

News Release 
Consider including a quote from your leadership that connects your mission to the BUPD initiative as well as a photo of leadership with the "thumbs up, thumbs down."
                            Talking Points
                            Sample Distracted Driving Policy
                            Sample Seat Belt Policy
                            Sample Policies
                            Distracted driving and seat belt policy can be found on page 13.
 Download BUPD Logos
 Use these logos in the office, on social media, etc.
Social Media Graphics