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Meeting Snow Removal Equipment

Passing snow removal equipment is risky.

The NDDOT's snow and ice control operations are an important function for the Department with over 8,600 roadway miles of highway to maintain. Winter in North Dakota presents many challenges and the NDDOT does its best to maintain and keep the roads safe for the traveling public.

To ensure the safety of everyone, follow these tips when you meet snow removal equipment while traveling.

Meeting Snow Removal Equipment:

  1. Stay well back from snowplows. Sometimes they have to stop and back up. Plow drivers can't see directly behind themselves, and plows also throw sanding material.
  2. Remember, don't crowd the plow and give them room to groom!
  3. Know where the plow is on multi-lane roadways. The plow could be in either lane or on the shoulder. 
  4. Be extremely cautious when passing a snowplow. They can get pushed sideways by drifts and hard snow-pack.
  5. Never drive through "whiteouts" caused by crosswinds or plowing light snow.
  6. Snowplows pull over and stop frequently to allow traffic to pass. Be patient and wait until you can see.
  7. Watch for plow trucks on Interstate ramps or as they turn around on "authorized vehicle only" cross-overs.
  8. Don't assume you'll have good traction because the road "looks" sanded. The sand can sink into the snow-pack, leaving a slick surface.
  9. Slow down and drive according to the conditions. Most winter crashes are caused by driving too fast for conditions.