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Winter Car Care Tips

Is your vehicle ready for winter?

AAA-The Auto Club Group suggests every vehicle be inspected prior to winter weather.

Car Care Tips

  1. Have your exhaust, muffler and tailpipe inspected for cracks and visible defects. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can accumulate quickly in closed vehicles.
  2. Keep the gas tank at least half full to prevent frozen fuel lines and to allow you to drive an alternate route to safety or run your vehicle's heater if you get stranded.
  3. Keep a bottle of lock de-icer in your purse or jacket to avoid costly delays during winter travel. 
  4. Turn on the heater to ensure it's in proper working order for the cold months ahead.
  5. Check your tires to see if they have at leaset 1/8 inch of tread and to make sure they are properly inflated.
  6. Inspect wiper blades for wear and tear, and make sure they are in good condition to clear the windshield of heavier precipitation associated with winter months. Keep the windshield washer reservoir filled with antifreeze solvent.
  7. Change the air filter, if dirty, for more effective fuel and engine performance.
  8. Clear snow and ice from your entire vehicle and keep it clear so that other drivers can see your hazard lights if you have to stop in an emergency. Remember to clean off headlights and tailights as well.
  9. Have belts and hoses inspected and, if necessary, replace according to the manufacturer's suggestions.
  10. Have your battery tested to ensure it is free of corrosion, has adequate water and is still strong enough to endure cold weather.
  11. Change oil and check the level according to the manufacturer's suggestions.
  12. Have brakes inspected by a professional mechanic to ensure they are in sound working order. Even braking on all four wheels will lessen the chance of skids on slippery roads.
  13. Flush and replace antifreeze in the radiator.
  14. Replenish washer reservoir with the appropriate ratio of water to windshield antifreeze.