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Winter Survival Kit

A winter survival kit could save your life.

Winter Survival Kit

  1. Jumper cables
  2. Small shovel and some sand/cat litter for traction
  3. Flashlight and extra batteries
  4. Flares or reflective triangles, something red or orange, and a whistle to signal for help
  5. Cell phone
  6. Coffee can furnace (the candle genereates heat) and matches
  7. Carpet strips (for traction under wheels)
  8. Boots
  9. Ice scraper and brush
  10. Newspapers (great insulation when placed between skin and clothing)
  11. Tools
  12. First aid kit
  13. Food
  14. Blanket
  15. Tire chains (for use on secondary roads only)

If stranded:

  • Stay with your vehicle.
  • Run the engine sparingly. Start with 15 minutes every hour and adjust if needed.
  • Keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow.
  • If the cold is extreme, it may be necessary to keep the engine running continuously. It may not restart if you shut off. 
  • Keep your feet off the floor if the heater is not on.
  • Never go to sleep with the engine running.
  • Read to pass the time.
  • Position car so it faces into the wind.
  • Tie a colorful banner on the car antenna.
  • If you need to leave the car for any distance during the storm, tie a nylon rope to the car and yourself so you will be able to find your back back to the car.
  • Move all your emergency supplies from the trunk to the interior of the car as soon as you realize you will be staying for a while. Put on warm clothing right away, before you get cold. It is easier to stay warm than it is to regain lost warmth. Loosen tight clothing so body heat can circulate. Remove metal jewelry as it can chill you.
  • Check your supplies to see what you have to work with and arrange them in order for their use. This will help you ration them in case you are stranded for a long period of time.
  • Here's a tip from cold weather campers: eat a snack of high calorie food just before sleeping to stimulate your metabolism (heat production). If you awaken due to the cold, eat more high energy food and add another layer of insulation such as more clothing or a blanket.
Remember, if you are stranded because of winter weather, it is best to stay with your vehicle so you can be found!